Evaluations with summarized data from all sources


In addition to some improvements and bug fixes, the KIWI HEALTH updates in January and February 2023 also implemented a functionality that many users often request: evaluation with summarized data from all sources, devices and apps. What exactly this means and how it works you will learn in this article.

Evaluations with summarized data from all sources

This innovation changes the way you evaluate your data

Previously, health values in KIWI HEALTH were grouped, listed and analyzed according to the source (i.e. the device or app that provided the data). This allows, among other things, the quality of different trackers to be compared with each other. However, this may lead to the list of health values becoming quite long. Also, the evaluation of a complete period of time for a health value, e.g. after switching to a new device, was limited and only summarized to daily values ​​via the comparison report.

This limitation has been fixed in this update with the new option “Merge values from all sources, devices and apps”.

By checking “Merge values from all sources, devices and apps” in the user settings, data for the same values will now be merged during import.
This option is also available in the “Limit Data Import” form and is saved as a setting for your selection.
In addition, the set option will be set as the default setting from now on.

User settings - summarize data

Here is an example showing the effect of selecting this option:

Listing of health values with deselected setting

Listing by device

Listing of health values with selected setting

Listing with summarized sources

By default, the health values are grouped according to the corresponding category.
An alphabetical listing is also possible, the grouping by device/app is omitted for this setting.

Of course, the information from which device or app a measurement originates is not lost. You will see all sources on the overview page for the respective health value as well as for each data point explicitly in the ToolTip (see above in the post image). If several values from different sources are available for a certain period, then the higher value is taken for the evaluation.

In summary, the evaluations align with Apple Health.
In addition, it is still possible to evaluate the data of the same values from different sources separately and to compare them with each other, e.g. to obtain statements about the quality of the measurements of different devices.

So how you choose to evaluate your health data is up to you.

Other new features and improvements in this update


  • BugFix when copying diagrams to the clipboard
  • BugFix in the display of the print preview
  • Other minor bug fixes and optimizations

Health data:

  • Improved display of labels for pie charts

Activities & Trainings:

  • BugFix: the bug that some trainings could not be loaded was fixed

Training Progress:

  • In the navigation tree, the first level (year) is expanded when loaded
  • BugFix in the display of the diagrams when the selection of the trainings to be displayed is changed


  • Improved display of the diagrams
  • Display of the “Walking Steadiness” value as a gantt chart (horizontal bars) for the most current four weeks
Dashboard - Walking Steadiness - old display
Previous representation
Dashboard - Walking Steadiness - new display
New representation

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